When is the right time for an optimal harvest?

Guide to a good harvest at the right time, with the recognition method of pistils and trichomes by Jorge Cervantes

Harvesting your cannabis is often the most exciting time when it comes to growing. All of your previous efforts culminate in this moment when the decision is made to harvest… Since the decision to harvest is so important, you need to understand what is going on chemically with plants. What should you consider when approaching the harvest to ensure the best possible quality? There are several factors, but each varies in accuracy:

  • The flowering time recommended by the breeder
  • The color of the pistils (the strands of hair that cover the bud)
  • The color of the trichomes

A cannabis plant matures over time; it's a process. Cannabis is an annual plant that completes its life cycle in a year or less. Outside, cannabis blooms in the fall. Long nights and short days are the main signal that Mother Nature gives cannabis to flower. Indoors, where grow lights replace the sun, growers use an electric timer to create their own seasons. Summer is created with 6 hours of darkness and 18 hours of lightThe fall flowering photoperiod is replicated with 12 hours of darkness and 12 hours of light. The female cannabis plants are ready to be harvested in 6 to 12 weeks after the light has been changed to a 12 hour day / night mode. As the plants mature, there are some clues to help you know when to harvest cannabis. Here are some methods of identification from the famous cannabiculturist Jorge CervantesHave the pistils changed? Look at the white pistils in the form of fluffy hairs protruding from the bract of the seeds on the buds. White pistils are healthy and turn reddish-brown when they die, or senescent. When half or three-quarters of the pistils have turned reddish-brown, the flower buds should be ready to harvest. But you have to take a closer look…. Very colorful pistils of Cannabis sativa subsp. (sativa x. indica) ‘Holger’s Paars’ THC control using the Pistil foliage is not considered waste, so how do you get the benefits of cannabis leaves? method

  • 0-49% of Pistils are brown : This is not the right time to harvest because your marijuana is far from reaching its maximum power.
  • 50-69% : Your plant is not yet at its maximum THC level, but you can now harvest it for a sweet and light taste.
  • 70-90% : Once you hit that range, it's definitely time to harvest because your marijuana is as powerful as it ever will be! Most growers suggest that the "spot spot" is 75-80%, but anytime after 70% and below 90% it will result in a high quality weed.
  • 91% + : Your plant has now exceeded its maximum THC content and the cannabinoid has already started to degrade into CBN. Marijuana left this late will have a pronounced taste and narcotic effect that is sure to make you sleepy.

Carefully examine the resin glands (trichomes) .Use a 30-50X portable microscope to inspect the resin glands, also called trichomes, found on flower buds and adjacent foliage. I like to use a microscope that illuminates the foliage to get an unshaded view of the translucent resin glands. The microscope will allow you to distinguish several resin glands. Jorge Cervantes Tip: With a good digital camera with a macro function, take some photos and zoom in close-up with software like Photoshop or others… The most important are the resinous glands with padded petiole. They consist of a rod with a small spherical globe on top. Be careful when you look at the resin glands, they are very fragile.The majority of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is found at the base of the globe where it joins the stem. The fragile resinous glands with a padded petiole begin to senesence as the plant approaches the end of its life. The globe begins to degrade first, and the cannabinoids escape. Cannabis is ready for harvest when a small percentage to more than half of the capitate petiole glands begin to degrade. They become amber and darker when they degrade. Some producers prefer to harvest sooner than later; others, later than earlier. It's all a matter of preference, which leads to the third point, consumption. Tips exist for increase your production of trichromes.Besides the ideal time for most varieties

  • 20% translucent, transparent : Perfectly formed but still clear trichome heads will give you a cleaner and more stimulating high effect with less sedative effect; it’s the best harvest window for heavy Indica varieties.
  • 60% white, opaque : Trichome heads perfectly formed and becoming slightly veiled or milky; this is probably the best time to harvest most of the hybrids available today.
  • 20% amber, brown : Trichome heads perfectly formed and completely veiled or milky, with at least 30% that turn amber; this is usually the best harvest window for late maturing Sativa like Haze. It’s also a good time to harvest when you use the plant to make hash

Recommendations Trichomes are incredibly volatile and can be destroyed and / or degraded by many catalysts, such as :

  • Physical contact or agitation
  • Heat
  • Light
  • Oxygen
  • Time

Sample the bud Dry some flowers in the oven at 150 degrees F for 10-15 minutes. Smoke or sprinkle and see what you think! Not all flower buds ripen at the same time. Often the flowers that receive more light and are on top of the plants mature a few days to more than a week before the lower buds. The difference in cannabinoid content, including potency, can be noticeable. The flowers of short plants grown indoors have a lower cannabinoid content than large plants grown outdoors. Outdoor crops that cannot be protected should be harvested if there is a risk of frost or rain. indoors or outdoors, harvest in the morning whenever possible. Flowers near the top of indoor and greenhouse plants may be a few days more ripe than flowers that receive less light; in this case, spreading the crop is a good idea. The lower flower buds of outdoor plants that receive less light mature more slowly, up to two weeks after the flowers near the top of the plants. Once the flower buds are fully ripe and ripe, the harvesting period lasts for 3 to 5 days.To read :Better buds with rinsing your plants before harvestPreventing end-of-harvest contagion

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