How to get feminized seeds

When traditional fertilization methods are used to grow your marijuana plants, you have less control over the sex of future marijuana plants. This is why there are many marijuana growers who are taking additional measures to make the appearance of female plants more likely. Only the females produce the coveted buds and the components necessary for medicinal or recreational purposes. So how do you feminize your cannabis seeds before harvest? How to get only interactions of marijuana with different classes of antidepressants feminized seeds on your plant?

Feminized seeds

Generally speaking, there is no way that you can france remains, among democracies, one of the most restrictive countries in terms of cannabis. paradoxically, it is also the country where consumption is the highest in europe. determine the difference between male and female marijuana seeds in the initial stages of planting. In addition, you cannot change the gender either. The concept of having feminized marijuana seeds is to maximize the female seeds that will be part of your marijuana culture. Why would you want marijuana plants? Well, we know they have a higher level of THC content. Male plants have a reduced THC content and, for this reason, female plants have priority over male plants. With the feminization of cannabis seeds, there are several pollination techniques that the marijuana producer can use for a favorable result.

Buy seeds

Female marijuana seeds are sold by various companies. So you don't have to wait to get your own. You can use the ones available to you and by doing so, you will be sure that your result is a female marijuana plant with more THC content. Be careful when buying marijuana seeds from companies online. Make sure it's a reputable company known for selling and delivering the right female marijuana seeds.

Alternative methods

If you are going to feminize marijuana seeds yourself, then there are methods you can use namely:

  • Colloidal silver
  • Silver Thiosulfate Solution
  • Rodelization

Each of these methods should succeed, if used appropriately to produce marijuana plants. Let's take a quick look at each method briefly. The Silver Thiosulfate MethodThe silver thiosulfate solution, also known as STS is one of the most common methods of producing female marijuana seeds. It is very effective in allowing female marijuana seeds to be available to marijuana growers. Using this method feminizes the seeds in the best possible way, making them more available on the market for growers.STS kits available in growshopThe solution consists of a combined silver nitrate and sodium thiosulfate. The result of the solution is a hormonal response to stress found in the marijuana plant. As a result, a gender change is triggered. You can do it all yourself, but the marijuana plants need to be chosen wisely. You should only take female plants from a single strain of cannabis that is almost mature. Then you separate the plant and spray it with the STS and let it dry, making sure that it rests next to the other plants.The colloidal silver methodThe colloidal silver was used intensively by doctors for nearly from half a century until the early 1940s. With the colloidal or pure silver method, you also need distilled water. Use a spray bottle to apply this mixture to your female marijuana plants, but you must do this when the plants are in bloom. Pollen has feminine genetics allowing marijuana seeds to produce female plants. Rare allergic reaction to colloidal silver… But take note: NEVER consume or smoke the parts of the plant that you sprayed with silver solution. Leave this for seven hours. or more – The longer, the better because it increases the concentration of colloidal silver. That said, leaving it too long will eventually make the particles too large. At this point, you can spray your plants and start the feminization process. Spray them daily until they reach the flowering period. This should take less than two weeks even if the timing may vary. The "rodelization" method The "rodelization" method calls for the reaction of the female plants when they are stressed. Pollen bags will grow when plants are stressed and not fertilized. Due to the fact that the resulting marijuana seeds are derived exclusively from female genetics, it is likely that it is female seeds and not male seeds.Many growers choose this method because it is completely natural. Rodization technique is to keep your female plants in their flowering phase longer than normal. Plants should have a normal "panic" response and go into a "self-pollination" mode. As soon as the pollen bags start to emerge, you can harvest the pollen normally. Decide on which buds you would like to put the pollen. The main disadvantage of this method is the unreliability – even if everything works well, the seeds may not not be feminized. Because of this risk, you need to think carefully about whether or not this method is for you. Some strains will also work better than others with this method.

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