How to force flowering of cannabis plants

Growing outdoors can be tricky in terms of timing. And if you are mistaken or if your position simply does not allow you to let nature take its course, your harvest may be interactions of marijuana with different classes of antidepressants considerably reduced, even non-existent … When we talk about forcing the flowering period, short flowering or the manipulation of the photoperiod is the same thing. So do not panic, but why and how to force flowering in summer?

Force flowering

Some plants measure the dark and light periods of each day. They change their growth models based the 17 health benefits of cannabis oil on this information. Namely to pass from vegetative growth to floral growth. For most plants, the trigger for growing flowers, fruits, and seeds is based on the length of the dark period of each day; during summer, the length of day is closer to the poles than the equator, a particular variety of marijuana flowers much earlier in Florida than in Vancouver. It begins to bloom when a critical dark period is reached. For most varieties, this appears to be between 8 and 12 hours of uninterrupted darkness every day.

Why should I force flowering?

Forcing cannabis to flower is an easy way to get your outdoor or greenhouse crop to start flowering with enough time to complete its growth cycle. Especially before the winter cold sets in and the sunlight becomes weak and limited. The northern and cold temperate zones are in the northern hemisphere, and the southern zones correspond to france remains, among democracies, one of the most restrictive countries in terms of cannabis. paradoxically, it is also the country where consumption is the highest in europe. the southern hemisphere. The time between daylight hours which falls low enough for flowering to begin may be insufficient for full flowering. Thus, artificially reducing daylight hours prematurely can provide the extra days necessary for harvesting.

When should I force flowering?

Forcing flowering outdoors depends a lot on your location. In temperate and tropical regions, there is only a very short period each year when cannabis cannot be grown. This is so that the flowering cycles end before the cold or wet season is the only real requirement. In cold climates such as the United Kingdom and the Netherlands or northern France, the conditions for fall generally become too cold and too humid to maintain healthy growth. These periods are included by the end of September to mid-October. So, to ensure that your harvest ends on time, it is advisable to start the light deprivation at mid-late July. (depending on the flowering time of the strain.) Perpetual harvest Forcing flowering can also be useful for growers in more favorable climates. Especially for those who wish to produce several crops per year (a "perpetual harvest"). Some producers are able to harvest two or more crops per year by strategically depriving the plants of light. For example, plants can be launched in February or March. Some can be harvested in June using light-deprivation techniques. While others may flower naturally in late summer and be ready to harvest by mid-fall, the plants will put all their energy into a reproductive effort in preparation for the coming winter. Plants know when to do this by measuring the amount of darkness in each day. The evenings last longer at the end of summer and head into the fall. At some point, plants instinctively know how to begin their reproductive efforts. It is exactly this response to the dark period that will give you control over flowering. Recognize the critical light level of a plant You can know the critical light level of a plant by observing them outside. This is to see when they start to bloom. Check the length of the dark period when you observe the first flowers. Inside, you can start 9 hours of darkness and increase the dark period by 15 minutes per week. Establish a critical period 15 minutes shorter than the length of the dark period when you see the first flowers. Suppose the critical dark period of a plant is 10 hours. It means it will bloom under 14 hours of light per day. It is 2 more hours than the generally recommended 12 hour light period. The two hours of extra light each day are a 16% increase in light necessary. This is essential because the light = growth. A shorter dark period may slightly extend the flowering period. In order for the buds to ripen quickly, the dark period can be extended to 12 or even 2 p.m.Cover your plants Once the natural hours of darkness have increased to twelve hours or more per night, the need to cover your plants will disappear and they may be left in the elements. You may want to continue to cover your plants if your crop is affected by light pollution (for example from street lights), or if cold temperatures or weather conditions require it, so keep this in mind. he spirit is that it is crucial to respect the lighting regime and not to miss each other, even one day … This so that the plants do not confuse the cycles, which could cause them to return to vegetative growth. If the budget allows, investing in automation systems may be a possibility. Conclusion If you allow it, forced flowering cannabis can be the difference between a successful or failed harvest … The yield can be significantly larger, tighter and more resinous if grown under this diet. This allows increased yields in cold climates. Where the difference in temperature and light intensity between the end of summer and the start of autumn is most noticeable.

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