Cannabis vs Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis is a chronic autoimmune disease, the severity and course of which vary widely. More than 15% of people suffering from multiple sclerosis (MS) use marijuana to relieve their symptoms, whether legally or not, marijuana is the treatment that eases the symptoms of this disease.

Multiple sclerosis

The is there an overdose of cbd? disease is characterized by inflammation reactions which in some places lead to the destruction of myelin (demyelination). Myelin is a sheath that surrounds nerve fibers. Its role is to protect these fibers and accelerate the transmission of messages or nerve impulses. The immune system of people affected would destroy myelin by considering it foreign to the body (autoimmune reaction).

Thus, in certain places of the nervous system, the impulses are slower or completely blocked, which causes the various symptoms. Aside from the flare-ups, the inflammation subsides and the myelin partially re-forms around the fibers, resulting in complete or partial regression of symptoms. However, in cases of repeated and prolonged demyelination, the neurons can be permanently destroyed. This then causes permanent incapacity …
Effectiveness of cannabis on patients
A lot of research has been done to find out the real medical properties of this marijuana. As a reminder, has been used for centuries by our ancestors for its therapeutic properties. Some studies have shown evidence of the effectiveness of cannabis to treat pain and reduce spasticity. It is intended for patients suffering from diffuse spasticity and resistant to the usual muscle relaxant treatments. Spasticity is cramping and pain in the lower limbs, which can hinder walking. It appears after a few years of illness. More than 50% of patients are affected after ten years.
Muscle relaxants prescribed in cases of muscle paralysis
Therapeutic cannabis treatments have proven to be very effective in the management of many symptoms of multiple sclerosis. But we owe the success of this therapy in Europe a lot to Sativex, an expensive and difficult to access drug reserved for patients with multiple sclerosis.
Analgesic & Anti-Inflammatory
Inflammation of the nervous tissue is the main symptom of MS. The most common and disabling symptom of MS is the pain that affects 70% of patients. Inflammation of the nervous tissue is the cause, muscle spasticity puts pressure on the musculoskeletal system.

The anti-inflammatory properties of cannabis have been well known since time immemorial. Today research has shown that CB1 receptor agonists (like THC) have a neuroprotective effect. This reduces the immune response and therefore the inflammation. Cannabis relieves pain in people with MS by directly helping to reduce the immune response and resulting inflammation, which also reduces pain. A scientific article published in 2007 indicated that the THC was more effective than CBD and dronabinol (a synthetic form of THC) to relieve the pain associated with MS.
Muscle spasms & spasticity
The muscle spasms associated with MS can be extremely painful and debilitating. But cannabis reduces the frequency and therefore the intensity of muscle spasms. A very serious study (considered to be completely successful) revealed that 37 out of 50 patients presented with improvements in their mobility, thus including a significant reduction in muscle spasms.

The effect of cannabis on spasms is linked to its anti-inflammatory properties, and its ability to slow the overall progression of the disease. A study published in the journal Nature in 2000, demonstrated that THC and other synthetic agonists relieve symptoms of spasticity and muscle spasms.
More than 50% of people with MS suffer from depression throughout the disease. MS can lead to several symptoms of emotional distress, which usually lead to deep depression.

Depression is associated with damage, see in advanced cases their destruction … In addition, several studies have indicated that THC, CBD and CBC have antidepressant effects. Thus, the endocannabinoid system plays an important role in regulating mood. Genetic variations in the expression of CB1 receptors make some people more sensitive to the effects of cannabis. Which translates into more subjective happiness. Over 90% of Americans with MS report that cannabis use has a beneficial effect on symptoms of depression (and emotional distress)
Central neuropathies frequently appear in patients with multiple sclerosis. They can be extremely debilitating and may not respond to existing therapies.
The cells in red are dying…
Researchers at the Walton Center for Neurology and Neurosurgery in Liverpool have shown that cannabis extract is effective in reducing central neuropathy. As well as in sleep disorders in patients with multiple sclerosis.
Cannabis causes neurogenesis
More generally, cannabinoids, active substances in cannabis, could encourage the repair of damage to neurons (neurogenesis) and therefore limit the progression of multiple sclerosis. The main healing is to treat the disease as soon as possible, and with cannabis ^^

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