70% of cannabis users have never heard of terpenes

More than 70% of those questioned do not know the terms "entourage effect" and "terpenes"

New research has revealed that many consumers still need help understanding basic cannabis concepts like THC and alternative delivery methods. 70% of those interviewed still did not know the terms &quot the 17 health benefits of cannabis oil; terpenes "And" entourage effect". Despite all the media and cultural attention given to cannabis as a "recreational" plant, consumers are still very focused on wellness and medicine. Education remains essential to influence the purchases of current cannabis users and education must focus on the basics. According to a survey by Oasis intelligence, the primary source of product recommendations for cannabis users remains family and friends. A survey of the profile of the "modern cannabis consumer" conducted by Oasis Intelligence found that 70% of those interviewed did not know the terms "terpenes" and "entourage effect", despite recent industry efforts to market these terms as elements of differentiation. Health, conviviality and physical activity: the new surveyOasis Intelligence offers a complete profile of the modern cannabis consumer. Half of cannabis users turn to cannabis for medical and wellness reasons, not recreational reasons, and 1 in 5 makes no distinction between the two Oasis Intelligence co-founder Laura Albers, Told The Fresh Toast that people in the industry "have a real advantage when it comes to understanding the plant from a scientific, regulatory and usage perspective, which is usually a requirement for stoners. ”“ However, when it comes to the average consumer, we find that educational needs are not about more advanced topics that industry could prioritize – think of terpenes, the little cannabinoids that are gaining popularity or even to the endocannabinoid system "ThefreshtoastIn addition, the cannabis consultancy firm found that half of consumers use cannabis for medical and wellness reasons, while one in five makes no distinction between the use of cannabis for health and the well-being and leisure. Almost half of consumers (48%) last used cannabis with another person, partner or friend, and these links seem to determine how consumers obtain their information. , since 43% of respondents said that friends were their "number one" source for information about cannabis. In addition, one in four respondents said that their last cannabis purchase was made by a family member – which is more than for those who purchased through the 17 health benefits of cannabis oil a delivery service; 22% said friend recommendation was their "main driver" for trying a new product. The company notes that brands and businesses "cannot overlook the power of this network effect" and suggest that the recommendation program "Could have a significant impact" on exploiting the trust people have in close friends and family. Oasis notes that the study took place just before the coronavirus pandemic and that at that time, friends and family "were a more likely source of cannabis than delivery services." half of respondents (51%) said they turned to cannabis for anxiety, while 44% used it to help fight depression and 31% for insomnia. Oasis notes that making health or wellness claims on cannabis products is against federal law "but the benefit will be good" for companies that can both operate within the parameters of the guidelines. the Food and Drug Administration, in particular on CBD how cannabis users can stay healthy from coronavirus, "while making it known that they can be trusted for the benefits they bring to well-being." Survey figures:

  • Friends are the primary source (used by 43% of consumers) of cannabis information
  • 22% of respondents cite "friend recommendation" as the main reason to try a new product
  • 25% made their last purchase of cannabis through a family member – more than they bought by delivery
  • 48% last used cannabis with someone else (partner, friend, etc.)
  • About 75% of people do not know the terms "entourage effect", "endocannabinoid system" and "terpenes".
  • The topics people want most information about are the products available, followed by the CBD: THC ratios.
  • Outside of social media, people prefer to learn about cannabis and cannabis products through online research and videos
  • Dispensaries are the first place people like to learn, followed by YouTube
  • 48% use cannabis entirely or mainly for medical or wellness reasons, while 19% make no distinction between medical or wellness use and recreational use
  • Anxiety (51%), depression (44%) and insomnia (31%) are the main medical and wellness concerns that people turn to for cannabis.
  • The main brand values ​​that people are looking for are all related to the healing potential of cannabis: "Natural", "Well-being", "Relaxed", "Medical".

The stigma continues to decrease and cannabis users are no longer "locked up" and lonely, as was often believed. They actively discuss products with friends and family, exchange advice and recommend each other.

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